​​Steven Sues and Robert Angart are highly skilled turnaround professionals focused on assisting companies, and creditors of companies, that are experiencing financial difficulties. Collectively, they have served 125 clients since 1984. They are experienced in both large and small cases; their clients have ranged in size from $3 million in sales to $3 billion in sales. They are experienced in the turnaround of companies, crisis management, out-of-court workouts, sale of companies, liquidation of assets, restructuring and refinancing of debts, and Chapter 11 reorganization and sale processes.

In addition, Sues and Angart provide consulting services to companies that are financially strong, including technical accounting and financial services to companies ranging in size from under $20 million in sales to large multi-national conglomerates, acquisition due diligence, development and implementation of organizational structures and development and implementation of growth strategies.

Type of Engagement                                                                                                                        # of Engagements

Out-of-Court Turnaround Consulting, Representing Companies                                                       51

Serving in the Role of Top Management                                                                                                        27
Chapter 11, Receivership and Litigation Support                                                                                      22
Consulting, Representing Creditors                                                                                                                 37

Sale or Purchase of Distressed Companies                                                                                                   26

​Technical Accounting and Financial Support Services                                                                              7

​(Note: some engagements fit multiple categories, hence the sum of the number of engagements by category totals to more than the overall total number of engagements.)

Steven Sues has been a turnaround professional since 1984, working as a consultant to companies, lending institutions, and creditors’ committees. Mr. Sues has also served as a chief executive officer, crisis manager, chief restructuring officer, chief financial officer, director and as a liquidating trustee. The industries in which Mr. Sues has consulted extensively include manufacturing, retail, distribution, automotive, floral, health care, transportation, construction, real estate, finance, printing, professional services, high technology, leasing, telecommunications, non-profit organizations and education. Mr. Sues holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering in Operations Research, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, all from Cornell University.

Robert Angart has been a turnaround professional since 2000, serving clients in the manufacturing, distribution, automotive, high technology, real estate, long-term care, insurance, non-profit organization and printing industries. His assignments have included consulting roles, chief operating officer, chief restructuring officer and chief financial officer positions, serving as a receiver and as a director, and investigating fraudulent transactions through forensic analysis. Mr. Angart holds a Master of Business Administration from John Carroll University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Cleveland State University. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Turnaround Professional.